Drain Warden

Use this stormwater drain filter to prevent solids, silt and hydrocarbons entering waterways via stormwater drains.

The stormwater drain filter is placed below the grate to prevent damage in high traffic areas.

  • Filter (sediment trap) is made from heavy duty, geotextile fabric.
  • An oil and fuel absorbent pillow is inserted into the trap to collect hydrocarbons as they pass through.
  • Excess flow points avoid blockage during periods of high rainfall.
  • To install, place the drain filter into drain and cut off excess fabric leaving a healthy border. Excess fabric can also be folded over the grate. Alternatively, cable ties can be used to secure the drain warden to the grate to prevent it from falling into the drain when grate is lifted.
  • Drain should be no larger than 1m square.
  • Drain filter should be checked for silt and debris after rainfall.
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