Water filled booms are non-absorbent, water-filled PVC bunds designed to prevent spills from spreading.

Containment barriers provide effective and immediate stormwater protection in the event of a spill. Portable water barriers are designed as emergency or temporary bunding for drains or grates and their advantage over sand barriers is they are easily stored in a small space. Portable water barriers however are slower to install and can sometimes be more difficult to reposition than sand barriers. Water filled barriers form physical barriers to:

  • Simple to use.
  • Use one or several portable water to confine and divert spills.
  • PVC covered barriers are easily cleaned and reused.
  • Manufactured from 650gsm PVC which is resistant to most oils and chemicals.
  • Bright yellow outer cover provides high visibility
  • Water weight prevents the barrier from moving and helps seal the barrier against irregular concrete or bitumen.
  • Use one or more barriers overlapped (with joiner) to contain larger or widely-spread spills.
  • PVC is easy to repair if damaged.



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